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4th July Email Reading Special

 Monday 19th June to Midnight 4th July 2017 PST
Due to popular demand.
Here's The 4th July Special as follows.
Email Readings                      4th July Special
1 Question   $20  USD         1 Question   $10USD
3 Questions $50  USD         3 Questions  $25USD
6 Questions $80  USD         6 Questions  $40USD
8 Questions $100 USD        8 Questions  $50USD
                  (recent picture required)
 Send questions and photo to
No readings sent till offer closes

Payable in advance by Paypal.
Send payment to:
 They walk you through the process.


Happy for you t.w.
I need to get one myself
Alex S said…
That's great. Thanks. I have to go into hospital on the 26th June for an operation. Feeling slightly anxious. Please pray and keep me in your thoughts. CD - you did tell me about it and at the time I did not have any problems. Two months after you told me I started to have the health problems. I am sure it will be fine.
Christian Dion said…
Alex All will be WELL... Angels sent to watch over you CDX
T. W. said…
Thank you Solar Vixen, you are precious! You should get a reading if you can. I don't know if you had one from Christian before. I have heard from many that you should wait at least 3 months between readings to give your energy time to shift. If I ask questions for myself I should wait near the end of July for Christian to take a look.

Prayers sent Alex S!
Letty said…
Awesome!! Thank you CD
Tony said…
Christian is wonderful. He is very kind, comforting and very caring. Get well soon are in our prayers
Katelyn said…
Christian is wonderful, and Alex I pray that God will keep and protect you under his wings. I lost my job two weeks ago, and I haven't had much luck finding one since. Please pray for me you guys that I find one again soon.
T. W. said…
Hi Katelyn! I have prayed for you as well.
Alex S said…
Oh, bless you, Katelyn. Thank you for your prayer's everyone. I am at home after my operation recovering. I will pray for you, Katelyn. I am sure something will come your way. Sometimes it just takes time.

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